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A&O international asd winter week tradeshow

ASD Market Week 2016 just wrapped up in Las Vegas, NV, and this is our first time seeing it from an exhibitors point of view – we had a blast, and we can definitely say we are thinking about exhibiting next year.

ASD Market Week 2016 is an all-inclusive B2B trade show located in Las Vegas, NV that gathers the world’s most expansive and versatile retail merchandise in one exciting marketplace. It’s a great opportunity to meet up with current and prospective clients at all stages of the retail chain.This is a buyer’s show so it attracts a different group of people than those we run into at other conferences, others tend to be more education-centric, this one is all about the deals – BUYING, sourcing, and getting the goods! Over the years ASD has been rebranded, and the letters now stand for: Affordable Shopping Destination. The show is for resellers, and you must be a business to attend. It was filled with everything for everyone a great place to pick up ideas, advance in revenue traditions and more business opportunities. This place was so big, the smartest thing we seen was scooter rentals by Scootaround enabling buyers to travel the whole convention and maximizing shopping. In vegas if your not walking, your standing and boy may we tell you. This was a brilliant idea!

For us, our experience,  A&O International,  our first in on the action we got the opportunity to announce to our audience our prescence and display some of our top items, we took notice and observed the traffic and saw the needs of the new season of other retailers from Chicago to South Carolina to Temecula, CA to Canada and Mexico. Everyone with different audiences, to different needs. So as an exhibitors point of view the traffic all around was slower than last year due to the influx in the internet and advance technology of retail, but we were overwhelmed with the interation and excitement. Customers main concerns were textiles, colors, and demand for the next hot sellers. The key to starting an order was learning your buyers demographic and market.

Most Important part of this tradeshow was the experience and getting to know your customer and their needs. Real face to face interaction is priceless and educational. We rocked it!! Until next time.


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