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Wholesale FAQs

Once I register, how soon can I see wholesale prices and start shopping?

It normally takes 24-48 business hours. Because we will have to manually review and approve each applicant and their information. 

What's The Minimum Order?

We believe that boutiques should have to right to choose what sizes to stock and how many of each size to stock for their customers, therefore, we do not have a minimum order per style! However, due to we are a b2b platform, we do impose a minimum order of $100 per order. 

There is a $30.00 Shipping fee for orders lower than $300. 

Are the prices on your site wholesale or retail?

All prices shown in A & O International's are wholesale prices. Our prices are designed to give customers a top notch in offering best quality products and service while still generating good turn over on your investment. You can only see these prices once you finish registration and log in. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Why is seller's permit required?

A & O International is a wholesale website serving all boutiques or b2b alike. We do not sell products to consumers, only to resellers. Products must be purchased for resale or other business purposes. To register an account, you must have a seller's permit from your local tax/equalization board. Seller's Permit is widely required state by state to engage in business and retail transactions that would otherwise subject to sales tax provision. In addition, we need all resellers from California to provide resale certificate as proof that the property was purchased for resale, per ca b.o.e. Regulation 1668 and 1669. Further reading on resale certificate from ca board of equalization.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at

Important Sales Tax Information for Resellers in California:

If you are a registered reseller with the State of California, you may qualify for tax exemption for your orders on this web site otherwise you will be charged sales tax at the current rate of Los Angeles County.

To qualify, first you will need to register and fill in your State-issued Resell Permit No. at new customer registration. Afterward you may start shopping on our site and place orders with us but your order will not be shipped until the second step finished. Second, you must fill out a Resale Certificate and fax it back to us at 213-895-4890. Once we receive and verify your form, we will approve your exempt status on this web site, and you may complete subsequent orders without being charged CA state sales tax. To expedite your first order, we strongly encourage your sending the Resale Certificate to us in advance.

You only need to fax this form once. Feel free to email us at

California Resellers can get your standard Resale Certificate . Print it out and follow these simple instructions: On the top of the form, enter your sellers permit number. In question 2, write in the type of products you normally sell (i.e., "gifts and home decor"). In question 3, list "A & O International" as the vendor's name. In question 5, write in what products you are purchasing from A & O International (i.e., "gift items"). Fill in the form at the bottom, and you're finished! Fax it to us at 213-895-4890.

Can I See The Merchandise In Person or Do you Have a Showroom?

You can call or email us for an appointment to come visit our showroom located in Los Angeles Garment District.

How's The Sizing Of Your Products?

Our brands are contemporary lines, they are unique in the way that they fall between one size and plus, so they can be great for a variety of customers. making them very versatile. ponchos, leggings, scarves are easy sizable.

Is Your Merchandise Tagged And Labeled? Can I Put My Own Labels?

Over 99% of our merchandise have labels, but not all items have hang tags even though everything we carry is brand new. We are a manufacturer as well, and most of the items come straight out of our factory, so hang tags are not placed on most garments. You are more than welcome to put your own private label and hangtags and we are happy that you are branding our merchandise as your own!